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"....With men this is
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-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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O’ Master Painter

Of winter, summer, spring, and fall
How we savor
Them all
Along with you gentle call.

From the barren deserts.
To the meadows of green.
Your magnificent portraits
Takes them to heights unseen.

From the mountain to the streams.
From the valleys to the hills.
From the tree tops
To the daffodils.

From the color rainbow
To the golden surprise.
From the moon’s bright glow
To autumn’s leaf show.

From the seas
To the sky.
To the sunsets
And the birds that fly.

Margaret Worley
United States
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Angel’s Wings

Their flight is beyond our sight.
As they walk out of a shining light.
Dressed in pure white.
Oh, what a beautiful sight.

The flutter of their wings is a delight.
As they have been summoned by God.
To keep you in their sight.
They are your protectors.

They are to guide,
And watch over you.

So, don’t be afraid or blue
When you hear the flutter of their wings.
Or let shivers run over you.
Because it’s only God’s angels out there.

As the walk unseen
And encamp around us.
When we are awake or asleep.
To believe in them is a must.

Margaret Worley
United States
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Childhood Magic

I did love
The old front porch swing.
That oh,
Creaky thing.

On summer evenings
Laughter filled the porch.
As mother’s ice cold lemonade
Cooled down the hot days scorch.

Trips to the country fair,
Concerts at the bandstand.
Music was ole so grand.

Roses blooming
Sending sweet fragrance into the air.
On a day
‘O so fair.

A nearby diner
Bell ringing.
While on a branch
Mocking birds singing.

‘O that childhood magic
People were happy with simple ways.
As I take a trip down memory lane.
Values were different in the old days.

Jewell Worley
United States
(permission to publish
 given by Margaret Worley)

Judge me not
By my wrinkles.
And crinkles.

Never judge
By the cover
Look inside
To discover.

Life does not cheat
For fate
You cannot

The spirit
Will always thrive

Extraordinary flight
If we left it.
The spirit let’s in the light.
Then from the dark we seek flight.

Do not weep
For inside
The spirit is deep
And pledges to take the defeat.

Margaret Worley
United States