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"....With men this is
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all things are possibe."  

-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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Country Things

And foundation
Rich with heritage
That’s what developed our nation.

Rivers wide
And streams long
Winding over the countryside
Along wooded ways.

At dawn
That fades
Before the awaken fawn.

Serenity nights
Away from the big city

Through the woods
There’s colors so bright
In autumn
That can match anything in sight.

Under open skies
Where dwellings stand
This is home
For folks who farm the land.

Margaret Worley
United States
A Tien,
Brian Strand, England

We all, may find the Son to light our way.

ask for nothing more
than what can be contained
within the span
of hand’s breadth

seek contentment and refuge
from time’s trial
in bleakest hour
that tests the measure
of patience and endurance

know there is no more
than what you have
which cannot be possessed
beyond the capacity
to endure silence
in the space
between time and light
resist the impulse
to test the resolve
of commitment and persistence
against the guise and wiles
of fate’s empty premise

know that you
will not be tested
beyond your ability
to resist the
pull of doubt
against your will

David Sermersheim
United States
He Is

He’s the Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
The fairest of ten thousand
He is my dearest friend.
He’s the lily of the valley
Altogether lovely one
The Holy One of Israel
God’s only begotten Son
He’s the captain of my salvation
The sacrificial Lamb
The high tower that I run into
He is the great I Am
He’s the bread of life from heaven
The restorer of my soul
He is the great physician
Whose touch has made me whole
The everlasting Father
Prophet, Priest, and King
Lion of the tribe of Judah
The new song that I sing
The fountain of living waters
My divine deliverer
The counselor, the Prince of Peace
The one true lawgiver
The Messiah, the Resurrection
The first fruits from the dead
Ancient of Days, my hiding place
He’s the lifter of my head
Angel of the Lord, the anointed one
Emmanuel, God with us
Abba Father, my redeemer
The Lord my righteousness
Chief cornerstone, the smiting stone
The Rock that is higher than I
My joy in the morning, song in the night
He listens and hears when I cry
Fire by night my cloud by day
Creator of heaven and earth
The King who is coming again
His Holy Spirit brought me new birth

Janet Goven
United States
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The Pianist
What I See In The Mirror

I love the person I see.
She is energetic and ambitious
With a smile to real to be.
That’s me.

Going the extra mile.
Active and ready to work.
Happy and not afraid to smile.
Yes, that’s me.

With a bright face.
And still in the
Even if it’s now at a slower pace.

Yes, I’m still in the race.
Because God is on my side.
Holding my hand
As we walk side by side.

With Jesus guiding me day
By day,
I know I won’t lose
My way.

You ask why do you like the
Person you see?
Why not?
This is who God made me to be.

As I pick up my pen
And write today,
I thank God each and every day
For accepting me this way.

Margaret Worley
United States

Dear Maurice,

I really like the colors you chose to publish the poems on
as well as the music you selected. The poems by Janet,
David, Brian and Margaret are uplifting and inspirational.
Congratulations to all of these writers on their publication
at To God be the Glory!  Wishing you ongoing success
with all the ministries you invite others to share in.  Keep
your light shining.  Blessings, -Karen