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My Dad, the Solider

My Dad, he was an old soldier,
He always talked about the Korean War
Though time had passed by,
His memories of battles he was in,
Were always with him,
He often spoke of buddies he fought with,
The friends he left behind,
Of how he was wounded in Taegu,
My Dad never forgot,
Though our government did,
Korea was often called “The Forgotten War”
But my Dad and others like him,
Remembered their time at war,
Though he is gone now,
Up in Heaven with the angels,
His time being a soldier,
Lives on,
In the many stories he told us,
And the hero we knew he was.

Celine Rose Mariotti
United States
Your Promises

Meadows of emerald green
Resting in peaceful solitude.
Filled with daffodils between-
Basking in rays of sunlight.

Summer showers
A heart full of inner glow.
Pitter-patter of raindrops on my roof.
A beautiful rainbow.

Cloudless days clear and fair.
Filled with perfume from exotic worlds.
Floating through the air.
Heavenly katydids choir.

Leaves tumbling to the ground
In graceful flight.
Peace and quiet
Under a moonlit night.

Silvery stars
Sparkling clear and bright.
Echoes of crickets
Singing in the night.

Dew covered roses.
Blasting waves of ocean shore.
Shim’ring oaks along the lane.
Who could ask for more?

Perfect moments alone,
Just you and me.
Thanks Lord, for all you have done.
I know you’ll keep your promises and let things be.

Margaret Worley
United States
Mother’s Sayings

If I carried way too much
Mom would always say,
“A lazy man’s burden is no good,
you’ll drop things on your way,”

If I found that I was late
Mom would then recite,
“The early bird will catch the worm
before the sun shines bright.”

When I tried to help her cook
she’d always tell me, “No,
for too many cooks will spoil the broth;
a thing that you should know.”

She had a phrase for everything
reciting them each day
telling me her point of view
in her own special way.

But now my world is silent
since Mother’s gone away
I wish that I could once more hear
the things she used to say.

Sheila B. Roark
United States
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Life’s Design

Design your life with love for all
compassion and kind deed
It matters not if at times you fall
just get up and proceed
Life’s lessons come in many forms
be always on your guard
God will help you weather storms
hold Him in high regard
Let His teachings free your soul
and cleanse it of all sin
He will help you achieve your goal
if you just let Him in
The greatest resource of them all
is kindness in your heart
Yes deep inside you'll feel its call
and the joy it does impart
Open your heart up like a book
let others see the good
As each one stops to take a look
make sure it’s understood
That love of man is life’s design
compassion for each soul
And to every heart God did assign
the means to achieve this goal

Brian Beaudry
The Western Frontier

Where the rushing river
Is clear and new
Morning dew.

Full of
Salmon leaping
That awakes the bears
From sleeping.

Over the hill
Time stands

As the buffalo roam
By the streams
And through the timber
Beneath the sun’s beams.

Wild mustang race
In wide open spaces
Undiscovered places.

Across the
Golden sky
On lofty feathered wings
Birds glide by.

While a pack of foxes running
And leaping
Awake a heard of deer
From sleeping.

Margaret Worley
United States

For our freedom
They fought

Their life
The line.

With vivid pictures
In their mind.
From fighting
On the front line.

Do we treat them kind?
We push them out of mind
And aside for someone else to find.

We say
I don’t have time.
Why don’t he go to work
And make his own dime?

We should be ashamed
Because our soldier’s
Should be treated with fame
And honor.

Margaret Worley
United States
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Water’s Of Light

O’ water’s of light
With your shimmer and glow
O’ what a beautiful sight.
You’re like a glimpse into Heaven’s delight.

O’ Jesus I placed my trust in you.
Now I’m a child of the light.
With only a reflection of you
As you pointed toward the birds in flight.

I couldn’t see your full image.
But I felt your loving embrace.
As I saw your light descend back into Heaven
In full grace.

As your arms unfolded
And you drifted away
With your gentle touch.
I knew you would be back to get me someday.

As I lifted my eyes
Toward the sky above.
Your light reflected on my face.
I then knew I had fallen in love.

With you
I know I’ll never
Be blue.

Margaret Worley
United States
                                                                                          May Comments:

I enjoyed all of the new poems on this wonderful website and was especially touched by Celine's poem "My Dad, the Soldier."  Regardless of
which war our military have fought in, they all deserve our admiration and respect.  It is a tremendous sacrifice to spend so much time away
from one's family to safeguard our country's citizens.  God bless your father, Celine.  Heroes of all wars should be honored and your poem is a
wonderful tribute to your father!  Blessings to your family, Carolyn Devonshire