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"....With men this is
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-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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The World We Live In

The world we live in,
It’s not so great,
The times we are living in,
Tempt our fate,

The world we live in,
Is sometimes scary,
There is so much sin,
And all seems dreary,

The world we live in,
Is sad and blue,
Nothing much to make you grin,
Not many people are to themselves true,

The world we live in,
It tests our patience,
It wears us thin,
It makes us ancient,

The world we live in,
Is all high tech and savvy,
Everything is just spin,
And people are so crabby,

The world we live in,
Leaves us in despair,
All we have is our kin,
All else is in the air,

The world we live in,
Leaves us with few friends,
We have to take things on the chin,
And hope the world is not coming to an end.

Celine Rose Mariotti
United States
Touching God

You beckoned me
Arms spread wide
Crown amidst the clouds
“Come climb” You said
“You’ll touch the sky
Cradled in my boughs”
I clambered up Your oaken limbs
My weight You bore with ease
Foliage caressing, urging on
“Attain the top!” You cried
Looking down to sudden glimpse
Of enemy unseen
Holding tight in worried grasp
Trembling in fear
"Don't stop now you're almost there
I'll hold you safe"
You soothed
"Others may have let you down
My word you can hold true"
In measured pace I did ascend
And reached to top to find
never have i felt in life
So close to touching God

Brian Beaudry

In the morning
What a glorious sight
With its golden

From the eastern sky.
While the clock
Ticks by.

Getting brighter
And brighter,
As the day gets lighter
And lighter.

A magical time of day
With birds chirping,
Squirrels chattering away
And butterflies gliding by.

When evening arrives
Toward the western sky
Slowly drifts by.

Its splendid
Makes my heart

Margaret Worley
United States
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What is time?
Is it something we hope to find?
Just what is this thing we call time?
Is it only a state of mind?

Why do some people wish time away?
Why do they just want it to go away?
When others wish for it to stay.
And last all day.

We all have the same amount of time each and every day.
Some use time to bale hay.
Some go down to the bay.
While others throw away the whole day.

Some people do a lot in a day.
While others do absolutely nothing all day.
I wish the ay was here to stay.
So, please don’t throw it away.

Live each day as if it was your last.
Don’t look back at the past.
Make each and every minute count.
But don’t live to fast.

Time can be whatever you make it.
You can’t buy, trade, sell, or rent time.
It can be a tidbit.
Or a big hit.

Margaret Worley
United States