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"....With men this is
impossible; but with God
all things are possibe."  

-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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 Summer Poems
  by Raymond J. Flory,
                       United States                        

In the park
happy voices…
summer children.

June morning
geese cross highway--
traffic stopper.

Summer slumber
under a willow--
lazy afternoon.

Tiger lily
monarch butterfly—
matching colors?

Starlings huddle
on downtown chimney--
summer siesta.

God’s Plan

He sat cuddled to the doorway, gnarled fingers shaking white
Dirt and weather stained his skin, begging coinage to the night
Passerby’s feigned blindness, quickly detouring his plight
Outstretched hand met chill, as they scurried out of sight
Pulling newsprint, tucking tight, keeping cold and damp at bay
Curling up again, waiting for kindness to come his way
Towards his base they hurried, young mother, child in tow
The adult’s gaze averting, the child’s eyes were aglow
Tugging at her mother, said “I think he is in need”
“He is just simple a beggar, we must move on with speed”
“But God said we must help when others are in pain
You have always told me, why not now, can you explain”
Lost for answer, stopping short she looked at child in awe
Innocence has its reward a pure soul, without flaw
Digging deep into her purse, two dollars brought to palm
Cautiously passed by trembling hand, eyes steady in feigned aplomb
“I thank you gentle woman, for your gift to me this eve
Not to seem unappreciative, of the monies I receive
But I must hurry now, the church closes soon you know
And I would thank our Father for the kindness that you show
For every dollar I receive, half I share with Him
For without His assistance, my life would be quite grim”
“But you live a life of misery, begging on the street
How much worse could it be, you live life in defeat”
“Kind lady my life has aim, it brings out good in man
Just now from the plea of child, you were led into God’s plan”

Brian Beaudry
Second Chance

The precious gift of second chance
can only be given by He
who came to make the way for you
He’s won the victory.
No matter where you are right now
there’s a better place to be
on the narrow road that leads to glory
for all eternity.
The heavy chains that seem to bind
feel so comfortable on you
no hope of ever breaking free
or knowing who you could turn to.
But there’s someone who is waiting
to reveal Himself to you
the chains that bind will fall away
as He creates all things brand new.
Since you find you’re at this crossroads
that demand you make a choice
pray your heart will be not hardened
so you will hear that still small voice;
that beckons saying, “Come unto me
under any circumstance.”
“I will fill you to overflowing
as I give to you this second chance.”

Janet Goven
United States
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Stormy Horizon

An ominous sight
As day
Becomes night.
When the approaching clouds blocks out the sunlight.

Thunder rumbles,
Strong winds blow,
While dark clouds appear,
And dancing lightning makes the sky glow.

Moistures fill the air.
Thunder crashes,
Lightning flashes,
Then the rain splashes.

Water flows
Over the hills,
Across the meadows,
Down into the fields.

Lightning disappears,
Winds calm, thunder ceases.
Clouds flee
And rain decreases.

Out bust the sun.
As water drips from the door glass.
The storm has passed.
Leaving droplets glittering on the grass.

-Margaret Worley
United States
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Kite Flying

Up, up
And away
Goes the kite
As the wind carries it over the bay.

What a day.
The sky is blue.
As the string pulls the kite
Further away from you.

Running and running
You try to hold
On to the kite
While it’s in flight.

As the wind
Carries it up and away.
Oh, no,
You say.

Slow down
For I’m stumbling.
Then the kite falls to the ground
As you jerked the string.

Oh, well
Another flight
I’ll take
Come light.

Jewel Worley
United States
(permission to publish
given by Margaret Worley)
Future World

Higher technology
Will take over
With telescopes capable of studying
A supernova.

And radio frequencies
Are the science of the days.

Invisible vortex
Is where our path lays.

Vast clouds of gas
Into the realms of comprehension sight.
Unlike the past
Sunlight that illuminates into the night.

Supernatural circumstances
Manifestation of the mind.
Not to those who have the knowledge
To understand this great find.

Life as we know it
Is nonexistent.
Bit by bit
It faded away.

Margaret Worley
United States
                         June Comments

Dear Rev. Reynolds,
Thank you for a wonderful June issue of To God Be The Glory!
Publications.  What a talented group of poets you gathered to share
their poetry with us.  Congratulations Raymond, Margaret, Janet, Brian,
and Jewel on your publication.  May God bless all of you in your writing
journeys.  -Karen O'Leary