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"....With men this is
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-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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True Love

Is made by God
And meant to be
Not all about

It doesn’t
Times of pain.

No fuss
If the mate
Doesn’t always
Take them on a date.

It’s not suspicious
Of everything
Or, think someone
Is pulling something.

It doesn’t get jealous
And insist
On its way.

It’s two
Beating as one
With a vow never to part.

Love never criticizes
To start
It’s words
Touch the heart.

Or leave
A note
To say,
“I’m leaving because you’re broke.”

For better or worse
It turns to the right
And tries
To be a delight.

Margaret Worley
United States
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Call 9-1-1 for Dad

Call 9-1-1 for Dad
He’s on the floor,
We can’t get him in bed,
Dad was a stroke victim,
He was mostly bedridden,
During the day he sat in his wheelchair,
He’d have his breakfast with us,
And watch TV,
The visiting nurse and nurse’s aide would come
To help,
They’d clean him and take his vital signs,
An occupational therapist,
Would help him with activities,
I’d sit and play cards with him,
We’d all talk with him,
Take care of him,
But at night,
When we tried to get him from
The wheelchair to his bed,
He would slide right to the floor,
We’d call 9-1-1,
The paramedics would come,
They’d lift him up,
And ever so gently lay him in his bed,
Thank God for the paramedics,
They are special people,
God bless them
One and all.

Celine Rose Mariotti
United States