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"....With men this is
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all things are possibe."  

-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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Can you get a glimpse of Jesus
In His kindness and His Love
Mercy ever flowing from Him
Gentle as a little Dove?

Can you get a glimpse of Jesus
Healing the sick and raising the dead,
Touching all who need a Savior
As He died there in our stead?

Can you get a glimpse of Jesus
Coming in the radiant clouds
Covered with His righteous majesty
Casting into hell the proud?

Can you get a glimpse of Jesus
On His face the perfect smile
As He reaches out to touch you
Given all that Grace allows?

Or does the face of God our Champion
Look upon you with a frown?
Does Jesus say, “Depart ye cursed,”
And then His face turn around?

Oh the terror of His judgment,
Oh the pain of His rejection
All that’s in Him Holy and Righteous
That He should turn His back upon you.

Flee to Him and seek His pardon
While upon this earth you tread.
Flee to Him!  Lay hold His garment
Or else you face eternal dread.

Ken Gillespie
United States
Freed From The Snow

The cutting wind
Is less wild.
And becoming more calm
And mild.

Out comes the sun.
I knew I could count on you.
To warm the world.
A friend so true.

As the sun breaks through.
The snow began to slow.
Circles and circles
Are being eaten into the snow.

Drip, drip,
The snow
Is beginning
To go.

The world is brought back alive
By the sun’s flash.
Pop, snap, crash, splash,
The snow is gone at last.

The birds are back
Singing at their best.
Hopping from branch to branch.
After their peaceful rest.

Margaret Worley
United States
J.C.’s Gratitude

Gratitude is our built in
Reaction to God’s grace!
Like taking the time…
To acknowledge and focus
On the blessings we have;
Verses the things we want!
For the act of giving thanks
Causes us to recognize the One
Who provides our blessings!
The next time you find yourself
In a situation where
Things aren’t going your way
Go to Him in prayer…
Asking for insight, or understanding
Regarding your circumstance…
Realizing of course, that His will
Can be accomplished through bad fortune
As well as by pleasurable ease!
So even if things aren’t as you wish…
Trust in the Lord Jesus enough,
To rejoice in what lies ahead!

Michael Crayton Powell
United States
(Dedicated to my pen-pal J.C.)
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Holy Land Snow Storm

As snow drifted down
Making the
Pure and white

What an unusual sight
In the sight
A child’s delight.

House tops all the same
Covered with a blanket of white.
Roads being cleared by bulldozers
Left and right.

Cold temperatures,
Snow man,
And snow angels
Where there should be sand.

Just show you
Is true
In showing you what he can do.

You asked
For a sign.
Doesn’t this show you
God was on the line?

Margaret Worley
United States
Angel In The Night

As pitch
Overflowing from every ditch.

For a duck
You would say.
No one could move without getting stuck.

Only the sound
Of running water
To be found
All around.

I thought,
I’ll dash out the light
Call it a night.

I turned back the bed,
Saw a light
And heard a voice call my name.
It was an angel come in the night.

“I didn’t call you,
the Lord sent me by,”
was the angel’s

Margaret Worley
United States
Spring Befall

At twilight
Birds begin to chirp.
While the stillness of the night
Gently gives way to light.

The ascending sun
Spreads its light across the sky.
As morning glories
Raise their heads high.

Color open spaces
With delicate

Lilacs blooming
Fills the air
With fragrant
So, fair.

Roses awake
Birds glide through the air
As gentle breezes blow
Through my hair.

Tulips opening
Colorful petals.
While grass
Harps the meadows.

Sun descends
The sky
Its golden light fading
By and by.

Fireflies flicker
Under the moonlight night.
As stars pass by
With their sparkling light.

Margaret Worley
United States.
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As Easter comes nearer and nearer
The message should be clearer
Let us not forget
Easter is Heaven sent.

David Fox
United States