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"....With men this is
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-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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God`s Angels

For every loss there is a gain
To help you through the endless pain,
Though at the time no hope you see,
Of ever feeling differently.
You turn around and find one day,
Another blessing comes your way.
Angels come in different guise,
Unrecognized before our eyes.
They make our sad and empty days
seem changed in very many ways.
They show us caring and concern,
They show us love, and in return,
Give back that glow of life within,
To cause the will to start again.
Sent by God these Angels come,
In times of sorrow, every one,
So when the needs arise in life,
Through all the sadness and the strife,
Greet with a smile each one you meet,
As Angels walk down every street.

Yvonne Sparkes
Tender Is The Weeping Heart

Render prayer unto heaven
ardent as lover’s kisses
for tender is the weeping heart
that weeps for all it misses.

Red are tears in the glow
of roses that are dying
for open are eyes that cry
to a world that’s ever praying.

Secret are the passage ways
to a soul that’s always searching;
black are the skies raining lies
to a distraught heart that’s hurting.

Bluest is the news that comes
to reap a tear that’s falling
when emptiness and loneliness
to a broken heart comes calling.

Forsake thy shroud ‘n cry aloud
a plea aimed unto heaven
for tender is the weeping heart
that weeps thru time it’s given!

“Weep when we must,
laugh when we can;
‘tis the scale
to balance man!”

Gerald Heyder
United States
Spring Poems                 

In a springtime park
music of children’s voices
on merry-go-round.

A late day in May…
silent sidewalks
surrender to bare feet.

Raymond J. Flory
United States
The Good Old Days

Sends a tingle
Down my spine
As I go
Back in time.

From the sky
Glittering like jewels
Passing by.

Warming the sod
Where you can
Speak with God.

Hunting berries
And picking wild flowers
The hours.

Through green pastures
And over a rocky hill
Sounds of voices
Are present still.

The good old days
Are now gone.
Leisure ways
Replaced by hurry and rush days.

No one slows down
They run around with a frown
No time for God in country or town.

-Margaret Worley
United States
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The poetry in the March To God Be The Glory! Publications website is amazing.  Congratulations to Yvonne, Sheri, Sheila, Raymond, Gerald
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Voice of God

The soft breeze blowing through the trees
is the subtle voice of love
sent down to earth on warm, spring days
by Our Father up above.

The gentle zephyr sings a song
of joyful hope and glee,
while all the emerald, shiny leaves
dance to its melody.

The voice of God is everywhere
and travels on the air,
so men will know He cares for us
and has deep love to share.

So listen to the zephyr’s song
on every warm, spring day
for God is speaking to you
in His own subtle way.  

Sheila B. Roark
United States
Faded Love

Why isn’t mortal love
Like the spirit of a dove?
Why isn’t it like the love
From above?

I’ve been told mortal love
Is like a rose that has dropped its petals.
Or a dove
That has lost its feathers.

I don’t understand this kind of love.
It seems so cold.
Like a sudden chill on a winter day.
It shouldn’t fade just because we grow old.

God’s love is unfailing.
His spirit renews.
Allowing our hearts to fill with peace and love.
This is great news.

So, mankind
I think God is the one you need to find.
To make you shine.
Then all love will be like the love from above.

Then each and everyday
Your love will steady flow.
Like a fountain’s flow.
And shine like a rainbow.

All mankind needs is a blessing from above.
Then like the rain makes the flowers grow.
God will make your love show.
Then all will shine like Heaven’s bright glow.

Margaret Worley
United States
In A Breath, In A Prayer

If all things around you seem to crumble
Leaving you in a state of great despair
Breathe just a little prayer never grumble
Because you’ll find great inspiration there

When those around you seem lost and flighty
Making you wonder how this came to be
Breathe, know who you are, seek the Almighty
Feel all the warmth, peace and serenity

Make yourself cool and those around you calm
To those who seem frustrated and upset
Breathe, send this gentle message so like balm
Only a fool would walk away - I’ll bet

Pray, forgive all others unforgiving
Breathe in your blessings, know that you are rich
Weave a bond set deep into the living
Peace, Love and Brotherhood in ev’ry stitch

Sheri Stanley
United States