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-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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Our Dentist

Our dentist, his son has taken over his practice,
We have gone to him for years,
Dr. Joe was 89 when he finally retired
Only a few years back,
His son Kenny does a good job too
He is cautious, takes his time.
Very meticulous and thorough,
Extremely conscientious,
His dental hygienist, Irina,
Her sunny smile,
Her nice way with patients,
She is precise when she cleans your teeth,
His dental assistant, Dawn,
Comforting and caring
She is a real nice person,
She does her job well,
His secretaries
Wanda and Dana,
Wanda is friendly and versatile,
She can do the secretarial work
And be a dental assistant too,
Dana, bubbly, warm, friendly
And a real loving person,
Always ready to help out,
Always so efficient,
Then there was Dr. Joe,
Who is now retired,
I had gone to him since I was a child,
He was always good to his patients,
An excellent dentist,
That’s what makes you all special,
The best there can be,
Our Dentist.

Celine Rose Mariotti
United States

People seem to be
Searching for answers
You see
To questions.

While the Bible
Collects dust
Like an old car
That has rust.

With sacred pages
That nourish the soul
And makes the body

Their hearts
Is in despair
And their bodies
In need of repair.

Life in turmoil
And strife.
But refuse
To let God in their life.

With marriages
That are pulling apart
But God
They want no part.

Push, push, push
One partner does to the other.
I want more, more, more
Like a child does to its mother.

I see through the charades
Day after day.
Thank god,
I don’t intend to wind up that way.

Margaret Worley
United States
Friendship With Our Creator!

When tragedy, grief, or adversity;
(which means a state of hardship,
Affliction, misfortune, or calamity)
Strikes in your life, you may turn
To your friends of flesh and blood,
But the best friend is without a doubt
Jesus Christ Himself!
For He is the most faithful and
Trustworthy friend you will ever
Have and what’s more is that He
Is always with you and He will
Never leave you!  The awesome
Relationship you have with Him
Depend on your courage, commitment,
And communication….Just open
Up a conversation with Him, but
Don’t forget to listen!  Just call it
Meditation or friendship with
Our Creator.

Michael C. Powell
United States
I, Manoah, am Honored to be Samson’s Dad

In sultry stillness on a summer day,
my wife approaches me again
and her appearance glows.
She speaks to me.
“A man
in colloquies,
a confidence he knows---
we’ll have a son, but until then
I’ll toss all meat (unclean) and wine away.”
I watch her sway like pirouettes’ at play.
The man returns. I ask him when
the lad is born and grows,
“Will we bow knees
in land---
and stand
with honor, glee?”
I watch him stray with woes:
a pagan’s passion, worldly yen.
My Lord, forgive his errs. He lost his way.

Carol D. Meeks
United States
Majestic Art

What an
Awesome display
Painted by
The master of the day.

In the trees
And on the land.
No such beauty
Can be created by man.

Sparkle, sparkle
From the hill
To the open

From the trees
Like a curtain
In the breeze.

Sound of laughter
From the young at heart.
You think, from the snow
I’ll never pull them apart.

As the snow flakes
Quietly and wild
Through the day.

Painting a picture
Of great display.
I’m wondering
When the sun will again play.

Fading, fading away
That beautiful portrait.
But again the magic
Will be back this way.

Margaret Worley
United States
A Fool for God

When I heard the good news of Jesus’ love
I sat in silence, still like a stone,
but surrendered to the Master above
the moment I realized I wasn’t alone.

From this Master whom I had never known,
I found my education was also from Him,
His omnipotence has made me His own;
I see my future without Him is dim.

My sound judgment and discernment as wise,
future and good jobs, with knowledge and books,
are all foolish in God’s realm and franchise
but sharing God’s word sends stares and long looks.

When I had no awareness of the cross,
and in life, as a scholar, I was well versed;
I was blind and impure as metals’ dross,
but for God’s word, I had no thirst.

Then I accepted Him into my heart,
and realized my wisdom compared to His,
was nothing.  He pierced my ego like a dart;
I seek His testing as a lifelong quiz.

His way has shown me how I was a fool,
a daily relationship with Him is too cool,
and by stepping out in faith as His heir,
makes me a new vessel with hope and a prayer.

Carol D. Meeks
United States